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With your help and support, our Co-op will continue to grow and thrive into the future!
Our Story


We began with four families as a simple buying club in 1971. By 1977 the Co-Op had become large enough to warrant opening a store to serve the public as well as its members. Under the name of the Hillsdale Family Food Co-Op and, later, Hillsdale Natural Grocery, we have been in several locations in downtown Hillsdale at different times.

Today our progressive outlook on food and nutrition is needed more than ever. With more products than ever to choose from, we look forward with confidence towards the future. If you shop at our store you probably share many of our concerns about health and nutrition. Become a Co-Op member today and reap the healthy benefits from a lifetime.

We enjoy the company of people well informed about nutrition and healthy living!
What is a Co-operative?


A co-operative is different from an ordinary economic enterprise because it is not owned by a private interest. People from the community support it as members and profits are returned to the business in the form of improvements or increased member benefits.

Central to the food co-operative philosophy is fostering co-operation within the community and promoting healthy lifestyles and sustainable use of the Earth's resources.

Be a part of one of the county's most enduring community business ventures!
Becoming a member is easy!


  • Pay a yearly fee of $12.00

  • Attend the General Membership Meeting (GMM) held once a year, usually September. 

Member benefits


  • An automatic 5% discount on retail-priced purchases

  • A 15% discount on retail-priced purchases for 30 days following 3 hours of “work” for the Co-Op * This work can be bagging product, etc. at the store or other projects that are store related (See the store Manager for details)

  • A voice in matters affecting the Co-Op and the opportunity to serve on the policy-making board

  • Help make the community a better place through education and outreach

  • Connect with people committed to organic and sustainable lifestyles

Senior Discounts

Members and non-members 62+ years of age receive a 5% discount off retail price.

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You do not have to be a member to shop our fine store!


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31 N Broad Street

Hillsdale, Michigan 49242

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday 9 - 6

Saturday 9 - 5

Sunday Closed

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The Hillsdale Natural Grocery is a co-operatively run food store open to the public, owned and operated by its members.

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